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  • Revised Kindle eBook coming soon.

    Looking forward to the release of my updated book. Should be getting it published as Kindle eBook in next few weeks. I've spend years using the diet in the book to help correct many issues of chronic ill health. Added new chapters, one including the Meat Industry and Vegetarian options . Thanks to all who leave great comments about it. Its an absolute pleasure to be able to help when all other efforts often fail.



  • Clinic No Shows - Missed Appointments

    Thought it appropriate to publish the fact that people often do not show up for appointments. Even after text reminders are sent, inconsiderate individuals fail to let me know they are not attending. This costs the clinic money, but more importantly wastes a time slot others could have booked.

    Mon 10th April 2017 - 3:00pm - Thanks Tobias for not turning up. You are now blacklisted from my clinic.

    Sat 22nd Oct 11:00am - Claire and friend didn't show for a double booking. Thanks

    Sat 25th June 10:30 - Kimberley and Michelle - double booking- didnt turn up. Thanks.

    Tue 31st May - Thanks Sarah, even though we changed the time to suit you to 9:30,

    Friday 15th April 2017 - Thanks Jessica for not turning up to your appointment at 11:30 am.

    Tue 25th Feb 2014 - Laura did not attend her 13:30 appointment.

    Tue 6th May 2014 - Stuart and his friend did not show for a double booking @ 17:30

    Tue 15th July - Shane did not attend a 10:00 am double booking, even after I changed the day once to suit his needs.

    Saturday 16th October 2015 - Beverly missed a double booking, no polite call or text, just didnt turn up. Very rude and inconsiderate. It takes me an hour to prepare clinic each morning.



  • A day to day account of my 30 Day Juice fast.

    OK ! Like most over the xmas period and for some time leading upto it I let myself go. Went on a cruise earlier later last year and need to act swiftly to get myself back on track. On Wednesday the 8th of January 2014 I will be starting a juice fast to last 30 days. Totally abstaining from solid foods, using a centrifugal juicer, drink nothing but fruit and vegetable juices and distilled water.

    I also will be using a few detoxificatio protocols along the way and posting on them also. My weight, body mass index, blood presssure and measurements will be posted, posssible with a photo or two.

    DAY 1 - 10:00am - First Juice this morning, orange and carrot. Taste is great. My juices for first 15 days will be of a acidic type from fruits and apples. It is these acids that have the greatest cleansing effect. Citric Acid, Malic Acid and Ascorbic acid,

    My stats scare even me realy have let myself go. Weight 16 st 4 Lbs, waste 45 inch (this is round the belly button measurement.) Lets see what happens.

    9:00pm drank 2lts of juice in total, a few cravings but not too bad. It is important to spread the juices throughout the day to keep an even blood sugar. Hardest thing is being around other family members who are eating. Had Karate class tonight, loads of energy.

    DAY 2 - Today a bit light headed, feeling more hungry than yesteday. Just drink a glass of juice or water and the craving goes away. 2 lts of juice again consumed, Also had hot epsom salts bath - run a bath with hot water, as hot as you can stand. Put in the bath 2 cups of epsom salts. Before getting into the bath dry skin brush your entire body until slightly tender. Get into bath and soak. When u are used to temperature had a little more hot. Soak. Stand up then wrap yourself in towels including your head, Put on your dressing gown and lie down and sweat, sweat, sweat. When cooled and relaxed rinse off with cool water.

    DAY 3 - Feel less hungry today, my body as adjusted and no longer crave. Infact enjoying the juices more. Consumed 2 lts again. My tongue is now coated white that indicates detox is taking place. Good day today.

    DAY 4 - SAT 11TH JAN - TODAY HAVE A MILD HEADACHE. My skin is already starting to feel better, softer and complexionis improving. Today would be the usual day my wife and I share a bottle of wine and have nibbles with kids. Very difficult and a stretch on willpower needed today. 2 lts of juice today as per the norm. I am also adding a tincture of Cleavers (Lymph Cleanser), Milk Thistle(Liver Support) and Red Clover (Blood Cleanser)to my daily routine. Had Epsom Salt Bath Again Today.

    DAY 5 - SUN 12 JAN - Feeling very tired today. The juice fast contains approx 1400 calories per day depending on mixtures used. My body weight is dropping quite quickly the majority being water, as I am urinating quite alot. This is as aresult of my blood sugar reducing and my insulin levels being lower and constant. Brisk walk with family. Dry skin brushing.

    DAY 6 - MON 13TH JAN - today full of energy, it is normal in the early stages to yo - yo up and down with energy levels. Head cleared today, no headache. A few aches and pains about my body seem to be intensifying. My weight loss as slowed down now as the water retention eases off. Due to publish my first weeks results on Thursday. Before I do this I must point out that rapid weight loss can cause issues for the liver. Cholesterol deposits will be reducing on your arteries etc and the liver being left to filter the effects. This can lead to gall stones and a fatty liver. There are methods to ease this that I will mention but not go into detail on this blog. So if you are loosing more that 4lbs per week increase your juices to slow it down. 2 lts of juice today.

    DAY 7 - TUE 14TH JAN - WOW Today crawled out of bed, ver very low energy., I drank a liver cleansing drink, two hours later a cleansing enema followed by a coffee enema. Great relief and energy back up after this. Tom morning is weight and stats check day.


    Today a few spots and pimples appearing on chin and face, these are a sign of detoxification and shouldn't put people off. these will clear in the next few days. Skin brushing as usual and epsom salt bath.

    DAY 9 - THU 16TH JAN - Feel quite emotional today, very strange. Weight loss as really slowed down. But thats good. Took liver cleanse drink, 2 hrs later coffee enema. Not much else to report. IF YOU WISH TO UNDERSTAND THE PROTOCOLS FURTHER THEN LOOK AT THE NEXT DETOX SEMINAR.

    DAY 10,11,12 - Hunger as completely gone, feel quite level and calm. Very tempting issues over the weekend with kids and family members, but all seems easier now.. Very brisk long walks and an epsom salt bath over the weekend. You must exercise to keep the lymph system moving. Can't stress this enough.

    DAY 13 - MON 21ST JAN - ADDING GREENER JUICES now to the regime, to increase mineral and nutrient content. NO hunger at all. Again feelining quite level headed, loads of energy. Intend to start jogging in the next few days. Today also took liver cleansing drink followed by a coffee enema 2 hrs later. Dry skin brushing daily. two week stats check comming up. Feeling much healthier. Can't wait to see this weeks results.

    DAY 14 - TUE 22nd JAN - Stats weight 15 st 7, another 3 lbs lost that's (11 lbs loss in total) in two weeks. waste 41 inch another inch gone. Still no hunger. My 8 year old daughter juiced my fruits and veg today. Still have heavy detox coated tongue.

    DAYS 15,16,17 - Not much to report, no hunger, skin is improving on a daily basis. Continue with dry skin brushing. Had liver cleanse drink and coffee enema day 16. Weight still shifting slowly , but all good. Still taking the combined tinture of Cleavers Milk Thistle and red clover. Tomorrow I start a 5 day liver cleanse protocol. Drinking liver cleanse drink every morning and using a tincture of Artichoke, Chaparral Leaf and Blue Flag. These combined herbs are great in assisting the cleansing of the liver.

    DAYS 18, 19, 20, 21(Tue 28th Jan) - Liver Cleanse drink each moring followed by two doses of tincture later on in the day. My hair is becomming soft and even a few of the gray hairs seem to be getting a bit of colour back. One more day of liver cleansing tom, and third week weigh in.

    DAYS 22, 23, 24,25 (Sat 1st Feb) - Stats for third week taken on day 22 as follows. Weight 15st 3 lbs another 4 lbs lost (thats 15lbs in three weeks). waste 40 inch, another inch gone. Finished 5 day liver cleansing, my skin is feeling great. My energy is now slowly getting better and better. My mental alertness is slightly improving but very slowly. All in all a good experience so far. Considering doing a four or five day water fast before I finish. Either way I will definately be taking my juice fast beyond the 30 days. Keep on reading and hope to see a few new faces at the seminar at PureOnRaw in Sheffield on the 22nd Feb.

    DAYS 26,27,28,29, 30 - OK, at the end of my juice fast. here are my stats. Starting weight 16st 4lbs, finishing weight 14 st 12lbs, thats 20lbs lost in 30 days (over 1 and a half stones), Waste Started at 45 finished at 39, thats 6 inch loss. (this is the belly button measurement and not the hip/trouser size).

    To conclude juice fasting can be difficult and depending on the way you support your elimination pathways, very distressing. It is not a low energy way of weight loss and it is far more deeper than just weight loss alone. Cleasnsing starts to occur from deep within. You will see and feel this for yourself. Give your bodies a chance to heal itself by Detoxification and diet modification. I will continue juice fasting now for three days every week until I feel it appropriate to quit. Hope you are inspired curious to try natures cures for yourself. May be see some of you at one of my seminars.


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